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About our premium email solutions

Email Administration Panel

Our control panel provides full access to your email domain with a user friendly interface. The Email Admin panel gives administrators access to adjust many email features, such as the inbox storage quota, incoming forwarders, outgoing BCC copies, autoresponders, email backup, and of course resetting the mailbox password. The Admin panel also allows for easy creation and modification of email addresses.

Custom Email Addresses

We don’t limit the creation, deletion, or editing of email addresses as long as you’re within the set number of allocated addresses based on your email package.

Outgoing Spam Monitoring

Using state of the art technology, we watch out for spam reports and monitor your domain. This ensures no spam is being sent from your domain and helps keep you off of blacklists.

Email Delivery Guarantee

We monitor all outgoing mail to ensure deliverability. If we notice strage bounce back errors coming from your domain, an account representative will reach out to resolve the issue.
If you notice emails aren’t ending up in your recipients inbox for one reason or another, our team of professionals will diagnose and resolve the issue at no additional charge.

Domain Blacklist Monitoring

We constantly cross reference your domain across 100 blacklists. The moment you’re put on a blacklist, we’ll reach out to you with further steps to resolve the problem.

10GB Per Email Account

Each email package we provide, has a standard allocation of 10GB of storage space per Email Account. We believe this is ample space for a standard email account. However, if your needs differ, you may modify the storage allocation per inbox any time using our Email Administration Panel.
The average email size is roughly 0.075 MB. This means, you could receive and save about 136,533 emails before you hit your storage limit assuming you kept the inbox quota at 10GB. That would mean you would receive 4551 emails per day for a month.

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